TFL Application

May 2015 - August 2015

  1. Presented a talk at the United Nations on this work, titled 'Universal Access to Meaningful Learning'. (This talk was presented in August 2015, during the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals.)
  2. This application is now currently used by two NGOs in 12 different villages across the state of Tamil Nadu, India. All rights to the application have been sold to the NGO.

Worked as a User Experience and Mobile (Android) Application Developer for three months with an NGO to develop a math learning application for students in low-resource rural schools in Tamil Nadu, India. The tablet application also functioned as a design probe to understand math aptitude levels of students in these schools. The UI design of the application was iterated upon over a period of six weeks.

Tasks Performed:
  1. Mobile Application Development (Android)
  2. UX Research
  3. Ethnographic User Study