CopyCat - A Sign Language Tool for Improving Working Memory

School of Interactive Computing's Annual GVU Showcase | October 2016 | Atlanta, USA

OrchestrAI and Computational Creativity

Wolfram Technology Conference | October 2016 | Champaign, USA

OLLeE: Participatory Design Workshop Series

Virtual Reality and Content Curation for Learning | June 2016 | Mumbai, India

Computer Science 101: An Introduction to Web and Mobile Dev

Delhi Public School Student Speaker | June 2016 | Ahmadi, Kuwait

Online Learning Across Diverse Low-Resource Indian Contexts

ACM Computer Human Interaction (CHI) Conference | May 2016 | San Jose, USA

Designing for an Online Learning Community

Georgia Tech Ideas 2 Serve Finals | April 2016 | Atlanta, USA

Designing for a Rural Online Learning Community

ACM Computing for Development (DEV) Conference | December 2015 | London, UK

Universal Access to Meaningful Education

Solidarity Share at the United Nations Headquarters | August 2015 | New York, USA

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