edX Mini-MOOC

February 2016

Advisors/Collaborators: Neha Kumar

  1. edX Mini-MOOC, titled 'Learning about Teaching in Low-Resourced Indian Contexts'.
  2. Vishwanath et al. 2016. Learning About Teaching in Low-Resource Indian Contexts. Work in Progress in ACM Learning at Scale (L@S) 2016.
  3. Aditya Vishwanath and Neha Kumar. 2015. Designing for a Rural Online Learning Community. Poster in ACM Computing for Development (DEV) 2015.

Co-developed a mini-course, which is hosted on the edX platform. The course introduces our model for a mobile learning platform for underserved communities, and subsequently describes our research methods, research findings from prior work, and future plan. This course was created as part of the Flipped Presentations for the Third Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale 2016, in Edinburgh, UK.

Tasks Performed:
  1. Design of a short curriculum
  2. Creating design recommendations for online communities in underserved learning environments
  3. Data analysis and grounded theory coding