Field Experiments in a Classroom

December 2015 - December 2016

Advisors/Collaborators: Betsy Disalvo, Neha Kumar

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I led a study where we conducted an ethnographic inquiry of technology-based learning at an after-school learning center in Mumbai (India) that caters to students from neighboring slum communities. We conducted participant observation for 120 hours and 58 semi-structured interviews with different stakeholders (including teachers, staff, parents, and students) at the center over nine weeks. Taking an assets-based approach in an underserved context, we uncover the role of care as a resource and present the rich and varied caring behaviors enacted in this sociotechnical system. Examining the role of aligning values in motivating caring behavior, we conclude with recommendations for supporting, leveraging, and extending care via technology design in an underserved, technology-enhanced learning environment.

As part of this study, I also designed Cur8, a design probe and mobile platform that included a suite of tools for educators to collate, organize, create, and share lesson plans.

Tasks Performed:
  1. Android and video platform design
  2. Making and design of a makerspace
  3. Curriculum design
  4. User and observation studies
  5. Engaging with Care theory