I read a lot. I'm never satisfied by how much I read, and that dissatisfaction fuels me to explore new and diverse fields of literature. Do watch my blog for reviews and thoughts on my current readings.

In my free time, when I'm not reading or out for a jog, I'm playing the violin. I learned to play the violin in the Indian Carnatic Classical style at the age of 8, and I eventually self-taught myself the Western and other Indian styles. I usually spend my free time composing new notes or repurposing some of my favourite Keerthanams, Hindi music, and English music into interesting fusions. I also used to perform regularly at concerts and events up until 2014. Do keep an eye on the blog for updates on any upcoming performances. Also, please contact me if you'd like to hear some of my work or watch my videos of my performances.

I love to try new things. Last year, I enrolled in a course at the WREK Atlanta 91.1 Radio Station and received formal certification of a radio jockey. This year, I became a teaching assistant for a Discrete Math course, and I loved that so much that I did it for an entire year. Also more recently, I've been traveling a lot exploring the backwaters and mangroves of south India. Follow me on Facebook for updates on personal stories and experiences.