Drink and D-Rive

November 2015

  1. This project won the IBM Bluemix Award for the Best Use of the IBM API, as well as the Runner-Up Prize at the HackDuke: Code for Good 2016 hackathon.

A driver, upon entering her/his car, is asked to speak out a few sentences to the sensors mounted on the dashboard of the car. The device (with the support from an Arduino and Raspberry Pi set up) analyzes the input voice, and determines if the driver is fit to drive. If she/he is not fit to drive, the tool dispatches text messages to close family members/friends alerting them of the driver's location, following which they may take action.

Tasks Performed:
  1. Signal processing
  2. Implemented a bag-of-words NLP algorithm
  3. Working with the IBM Bluemix sentiment analysis platform