Augmented Paper

September 2016

  1. This project won the Philips-MIT Award for the Best Focus-Based Document Summarization, at the HackMIT 2016 hackathon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  2. Devpost project link.
  3. We seeked inspiration for this work from the COSMOS framework proposed by the Ubiquitous Computing Group at Georgia Tech.

With the coming of the IoT age, we wanted to explore the addition of new experiences in our interactions with physical objects and facilitate crossovers from the digital to the physical world. Since paper is a ubiquitous tool in our day to day life, we decided to try to push the boundaries of how we interact with paper. We develop a workflow that enables a user to convert ANY piece of paper with text on it into an interactive touch interface that communicates with nearby mobile and desktop devices.

Tasks Performed:
  1. User Study
  2. Hardware prototyping
  3. Signal processing
  4. Machine Learning